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Town Meadow Group Team

The Team consists of the TMG Steering Committee, Consultants, Friends of the Meadow and local businesses.

TMG Steering Committee

  • Rob Setchell (Chair).
  • Bob Messer (Treasurer).
  • Mike Gould (Secretary).
  • Steve Joyce.
  • Mandy Greenwood.
  • Jon Reed.
  • Mick Lodge.

Administrative help is provided by Ann Wingrove and Ruth Foster.


Elizabeth Kendall. Additional planting advice for grass and wildflower areas.
Janet Swiss. Artist's drawings and construction of table-top architectural model for displays.

Friends of the Meadow

The Friends are a group of nearly seventy individuals of all ages and backgrounds who come together to help with planting and offer general assistance. The Friends include local businesses who offer skilled help and services. The Friends are invited to a Planting Group which tends to meet twice a year to provide advice and feedback to the Committee. Membership of the Friends costs £5 per year or £10 for a family (see attachment below) and entitles you to vote in our AGM and receive a newsletter.

We also sometimes advertise in Gillingham local papers for more casual volunteers to help with specific plantings.

If you would like to join the team please email us via - we would love to hear from you.

TMG Friends Membership Form v2.pdf365.7 KB
TMG Standing Order Form v2.pdf234.54 KB